Underfloor Heating Installation in Winter

Underfloor Heating can be installed throughout the winter months as long as a few guidelines are followed. Underfloor Heating Pipes by their nature are very robust, however, there is always a good chance that the pipe could burst in freezing conditions. A punctured pipe is really not worth the risk, the screed would need to be dug up to find the leak, repair the pipe, pressure test then reinstate the screed. There is always the risk that frost can cause [...]

Radiant UFH for a radiant home

Underfloor heating systems create radiant heat to create warmth in an installed building. This can be compared to the way the sun makes you feel warm on a cold day. Radiant heat heats bodies and objects rather than the surrounding air. This method of heating has several advantages over the convention heating systems. RADIANT HEAT IS CLEAN HEAT The radiant heat produced from UFH systems creates very minimal air movement whereas conventional heating systems, such as radiators, circulate the air of [...]

Wall and ceiling heating/cooling systems – Not as crazy as it sounds

Underfloor heating systems are an extremely popular way to heat both homes and commercial buildings due to its high efficiency and low energy cost. But what about wall and ceiling heating/cooling systems? More and more people are deciding to install wall and ceiling systems with the technologies getting more exposure. This is due to the many positive factors of having such systems installed at home or in the office. HEATING = COOLING Our wall and ceiling systems use clever technology which allows the [...]

Preparing for Underfloor Heating

Before commencing the install of your Underfloor Heating it is important that a number of points are given careful consideration; YOUR CHOSEN FLOOR FINISH Your chosen floor finish can massively affect the heat output you will get from your Underfloor Heating System. Heat outputs for Underfloor Heating are measured in W/m² (watts per square metre) – these can be affected considerably by your final floor finish. An example of outputs based on a pipe in screed system, with a water flow [...]

Underfloor Heating for Existing Properties

Underfloor Heating can be used on your refurbishment project. We offer various underfloor heating systems that increase the floor height by a minimal amount. These can also incorporate insulation where there is none in the slab. These underfloor heating systems are generally known as overlay systems. Our underfloor heating systems can also be used in between the joists on your existing floor. WHAT SYSTEMS DO WE OFFER? We offer a variety of underfloor Heating Systems for both overlay and between joist [...]

Underfloor Heating or Radiators?

The choice of a heating system dictates the way in which heat is distributed and experienced by the end user. Underfloor heating is very popular as it is more convenient and efficient than radiators of blown air heating systems, however, you could well be wondering what are the differences between radiators and underfloor heating. Read on to understand how the different systems distribute heat and how this will affect the room temperature and comfort levels. HOW DO THE SYSTEMS DISTRIBUTE [...]