Heat Transfer Fluid (Inhibited Antifreeze) – 5 Litre

£17.00 inc.VAT


FloorHeating Supplies HTF50 is a concentrated Heat Transfer Fluid which contains Glycol, Inhibitors and Biocide – this product  is also known as Inhibited Antifreeze

Provided in 5 litre containers – No more ordering multiple products, FloorHeating Supplies HTF50 does it all.

It is suitable for use in all types of Heating Systems including Aluminium Based. FloorHeating Supplies HTF50 is ideally suitable for use in Underfloor Heating Systems and with Heat Pumps.

FloorHeating Supplies HTF50 protects heating systems from -4°C to -50°C depending on the volume it is added to the system

 10%        -4°C

20%        -9°C

30%        -14°C

40%        -22°C

50%        -34°C

75%        -48°C

80%        -50°C

FloorHeating Supplies HTF50 comes with a full warranty offering you peace of mind when using the product. We will happily replace your appliance if upon test it is proven that HTF50 damaged the product directly.

We strongly recommend that HTF50 is used to protect all our Underfloor Heating Systems. The product can be added to UFH systems using a Solar Push or similar equipment.