Wall and ceiling heating/cooling systems – Not as crazy as it sounds

30th October 2015 0 By ThermoUFH

Underfloor heating systems are an extremely popular way to heat both homes and commercial buildings due to its high efficiency and low energy cost.

But what about wall and ceiling heating/cooling systems?

More and more people are deciding to install wall and ceiling systems with the technologies getting more exposure. This is due to the many positive factors of having such systems installed at home or in the office.


Our wall and ceiling systems use clever technology which allows the user to keep and room lovely and warm during a cold winter’s day but also nice and cool during a hot summer’s day. This is done by circulating cold water through the system which in turn cools the surface area of your ceiling or walls. The surface area cooling has extremely low energy costs and is absolutely silent. To heat a room the technology works in the same way but with warm water. When the ceiling and wall panel surfaces are heated they emit radiant heat, which creates a feeling of cosy warmth and great comfort.


The wall and heating systems we provide combine low temperatures with energy saving heat pumps which makes the systems both cost effective and environment friendly. This means you can keep your building warm or cool whilst saving yourself money and feel content knowing you are doing your part to help the environment.

For any further information about our Wall and Ceiling heating/cooling systems or for a bespoke quotation for your project, (wall and ceiling heating, underfoor heating or floor screeding), please don’t hesitate in calling our technical team on 01204 61669.